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88WANWIN is subsidiary company of 88GASIA GROUP which established since Year 2022.  With the changes of the times and the new era of networking, online casinos have also become a new contemporary trend. Players have also switched from landed casinos to online casino due the impact of pandemic COVID-19. 88GASIA Group has been operating in Malaysia Online Gaming market for many years and realize the needs of players and has developed an advance gaming system with high security and usability with a professional team. 88WANWIN will be launched using this new system.

88WANWIN is ONE-STOP online betting platform that provides a variety of Online gaming games which including Sportsbook, Live Casino, Slot Games, Poker, lottery, etc to fulfill all types of players. In addition, the Professional Research and Development (R&D) team of 88GASIA Group has made the system to the extreme. Players can use the main wallet system and no longer have to deal with multi-wallet systems that are annoying to players.

In Order to relieve players concerns and enhance players confidence in 88WANWIN, 88GASIA Group as parent company willing to guarantee the payment of subsidiaries. Players do not need to worry about the issue of scamming the winning or payment from Online Casino website. If players encounter any unpleasant experience in 88WANWIN, you are welcome to make a complaint to 88GASIA officially website.

Enchance Your Gaming Experience with E-Wallet Convenience at the 88WANWIN Casino

88WANWIN e-wallet casino captivates as a cutting-edge platform catering to modern tasted, providing a variety of convenient payment methods. Players can seamlessly deposit and withdraw funds through e-wallet, bank transfer, DuitNow, and "Touch N Go" granting unparalleled flexibility. Relish immediate transactions, enhanced security features, and the convenience of effortless fund management.

Live Casino Selection

88WANWIN provides the most types selection of Live Casino games for players and players can place their bets by online without having to travel to the landed casino. The current Online Casinos are no means inferior. Not only are the games diversified but the live dealers are even better. At present, the live casino games provided by this platform such as Baccarat, Roulette, Dragon and Tiger, NiuNiu, 3 Card Poker, Blackjack, Poker, Texas Holdem and so on. 88WANWIN has lived up to expectations and introduced more than 10 famous international live casino brands such as AFB Casino, GD88, GreamGaming(DG99), etc. to ensure that it is the platform with the most choices and the best stability.

Sports Betting

Sports Betting has been popular since the 1980s. Among the sports matches betting, Football matches are the most popular option for Online Betting Player. At present, several major football events such as the World Cup, UEFA Champions League, Spain LaLiga, France Ligue 1and Germany Bundesliga are highly sought after by players of different age level. In terms of providing the excellent sportsbook system, we have gone through strict screening and decided to cooperate with AFB Sports, a reputable Sportsbook provider that has been in the market for many years. The AFB Sports is easy to operate and the odds on all matches are better than others. The purpose of 88GASIA Group has always been to bring the best to everyone and such superior products will definitely benefit the player of 88WANWIN website.

Slot Games

Slot games are one of the most popular games in casinos. With its small capital able to get a big winning, exciting and fun slot machine, it has attracted a lot of attention internationally. Players have the chance to hit huge Jackpots with small stakes. At the same time, in order to repay the support and trust of the players, the company has also prepared a number of slot machine promotion and rebate activities to improve the players' chances of winning. Internationally brand slot machine manufacturers such as Pragmatic Play, AFB Gaming, Joker Slot, Habanero, EVO Play, etc. are all indispensable close partners of 88WANWIN.

If you are really looking for an online gaming and entertainment platform that allows you to play with confidence without any concern, 88WANWIN is definitely your first choice. Just provide a simple of your personal information on our registration page, deposit the amount you want to bet and start the games immediately. The personal information you provide will never be disclosure after being kept confidential by the system. In terms of withdrawal, professional customer service staff are online 24 hours a day and will smoothly transfer the amount you want to withdraw to your bank account within 3 minutes after you submit the withdrawal form.


  1. Payment Guarantee by 88GASIA GROUP
    2. Daily Withdraw MYR50,000/USD20,000
    3. More Convenient and More Secure Systems
    4. 24 Hours Customer Service
    5. Attractive Promotion Bonus and Rebate
    6. Deposit and Withdraw within 3 minutes

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